Plastic packaging is extremely versatile and has become an increasingly frequent product packaging solution. 

PLASGAL manufactures and sells a wide range of high-density and low-density polyethene products in various shapes, sizes and colours, and fully customisable with printings, (micro)perforation and different types of treatment.

Plastic is the most widely known material among the Polymers family, and its unique characteristics are the reasons for its extraordinary success

Low-density plastics (LDPE) are usually glossier, softer and more transparent and, therefore, suitable for more complex prints (e.g., four-colour printing).

High-density plastics (HDPE) can be manufactured in thinner thicknesses and are usually more rigid and robust, with a frosted appearance and more resistant to tensile stress.

PLASGAL will help you choose the most suitable products for your manual or automated packaging needs.
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